Weekend Away: Barcelona!

I haven’t been able to write for a long time, but here I am back! Last Thursday was a bank holiday in France and most people took off their Fridays as well to have a mini holiday. My husband went away to the north of France with his friends for a “boys only” weekend, and I took the advantage to go and visit one of my best friends (and my once flatmate) Lea, who lives in Barcelona right now.

My friend Lea and me being silly


I will be honest you from the beginning, we didn’t go through all of the tourist landmarks (except the REAALLLLY important ones) because we didn’t see each other for a year so we needed some catching up to do! By catching up I mean drinking “cava” and shopping, of course :p As the years go by ( I have the right to say this, I just turned 28!!) you start to realize the importance of just taking your time to be with friends, especially if you are away from most of your friends like me. So I think I need to go to Barcelona again in the near future, this time as a tourist! 🙂

IMG_20160507_100945 (1)
View from Lea’s appartement!

Also, because I don’t have any chance, it rained all the time while I was there. It rained for four days. In Barcelona. According to people who live there, it’s like the most improbable thing to happen, especially in May, and it happened while I was visiting. Lovely. Meanwhile, it was 27 degrees and sun all over France. This is not fair 😦

Even though I couldn’t visit everywhere I wanted, I was really impressed with what I managed to see. Even residential buildings were super pretty, with a unique style of architecture.

Although it feels a bit crowded after Bordeaux, it’s not annoyingly overcrowded. The people and their attitudes made me think a bit of my home country Turkey, I think it might be a Mediterranean thing.

Local food is cheaper when compared to France, obviously if you try to avoid super touristic places. 3-4 plates of tapas and glass of cava cost us around 15 euros in general (so 30 in total for 2).

All in all, although it rained every day and the weather was chilly I enjoyed my time in Barcelona a lot. I already started to plan my next visit, wishing it will be under the sun this time!



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